At Sonae Sierra we recognise that we can guarantee long-term business resilience by tackling key environmental and social issues.

The achievements we have made since we set out on this journey more than 20 years ago prove this point.

Not only have we consistently exceeded the requirements placed upon us by regulators and local authorities, but we have avoided over €21.7 million in costs in 2015 as a result of eco-efficiency improvements introduced since 2002 (for electricity and waste) and 2003 (for water).

At the same time we have strengthened our brand and reputation amongst key opinion formers and are consistently recognised for our best-in-class approach to safety, health and environment, which will always remain a foundation of our culture.

Looking forward, our sustainability strategy positions us strongly in the face of growing social and environmental challenges.

For example, our long-term focus on resource resilience is vital for sustaining our assets’ value and protecting us from future resource constraints such as energy or water shortages.

Our focus on prosperous retailers has already resulted in innovative retail concepts such as Coop Stores that encourage entrepreneurship and enhance our offer to consumers.

Here you can read more about our approach to the issues that underpin our sustainability strategy, as well as accessing our 2015 Economic, Environmental and Social Report that provides an integrated account of our performance in 2015.