Long-term objectives

Long-term Sustainability Objectives

We have also set ourselves long-term objectives related to the Future-proof the lived environment and Safe, healthy & engaged workforce focus areas of our sustainability strategy.

2025 Sustainability Objectives – snapshot

2025 Sustainability Objectives

Sustainability Targets/Actions Reports

Each year we track our progress against the previous year's annual sustainability targets and actions.

Since 2005 we have commissioned external evaluations of our progress against these targets, and since 2008 these have also included internal sustainability actions.

These reports provide details of the targets and actions achieved and the methodology used to make the evaluations.

In 2021, we fully achieved 34 out of 44 applicable sustainability targets/actions (77%). 5 were partially achieved (11%) and 5 were not achieved (11%). There were also 9 targets that were not applicable in 2021, the above-mentioned percentages do not include these.

Progress against 2021 Sustainability Targets

Progress against 2021 Sustainability Actions

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