Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is built around three focus areas where we can most effectively create shared value for our business, society and the environment. They address the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business as a retail real estate services provider.

The core activities and objectives for each focus area are summarised below.

Safe People & Resource

The range of activities that align with our Safety, Health and Environmental Management System; capturing value creation for our clients by delivering sustainability services

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Future Fit

Anticipating emerging retail trends and pioneering new concepts that respond to changing consumer expectations; exploring the interface between sustainability and innovation to support our clients’ and tenants’ business performance.

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Increasing human capital while ensuring high levels of staff productivity; embedding more sustainable lifestyles aiming to improve health and wellbeing amongst our staff.

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The strategy (which was revised in 2016) reflects the changes that have taken place within our business model and core business strategy over the last couple of years. Namely:

  • Reducing the capital invested in our core portfolio, increasing our exposure to new development opportunities and enhancing our service delivery has shifted the focus of where we can most effectively create shared value.
  • A greater emphasis on our services business opens up new opportunities to deliver value for our service clients by supporting their sustainability objectives.

A robust sustainability governance structure and an embedded process of stakeholder engagement are both important components of our strategy.

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