These are the main milestones of Sonae Sierra

Mar 2022
Timeline - 2022 - Sonae strengthens position at Sonae Sierra Sonae strengthens position at Sonae Sierra changing the shareholder structure from 80%(Sonae)/20%(Grosvenor Group) to 90%(Sonae)/10%(Grosvenor Group)
Feb 2022
Timeline - 2022 - Sonae Sierra Sonae Sierra changes global brand
Oct 2020
Timeline - 2020 - NorteShopping Expansion Sonae Sierra inaugurates NorteShopping’s expansion
Aug 2020
Timeline - 2020 - Sonae Sierra Bankinter and Sonae Sierra's SIGI - Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Company acquires first five urban real estate assets in Portugal
Jun 2020
Timeline - 2020 - Ores Portugal Bankinter and Sonae Sierra launch ORES Portugal in Euronext Access Lisbon
Mar 2020
Timeline - 2020 - Sonae Sierra - Sierra Prime Sonae Sierra launched a new investment vehicle, SIERRA PRIME, alongside Allianz, APG and ELO.
Feb 2020
Timeline - 2020 - McArthurGlen Design Outlet Málaga Inauguration of McArthurGlen Design Outlet Málaga, in Spain
Nov 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Arribat Center Inauguration of Arribat Center, in Morocco
Nov 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Freccia Rossa Sale of Freccia Rossa, in Italy
Aug 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Aliansce Sonae Shopping Centers Fusion of Sonae Sierra Brasil and Aliansce Shopping Centers to create Aliansce Sonae Shopping Centers S.A
Aug 2019
Timeline - 2020 - AlgarveShopping and Albufeira Retail Park Sale of AlgarveShopping and Albufeira Retail Park, in Portugal
Jul 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Hofgarten Solingen Sale of Hofgarten Solingen, in Germany
Jul 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Alexa Sale of Alexa, in Germany
Jul 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Dos Mares Sale of Dos Mares, in Spain
May 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Sonae Sierra Sonae Sierra acquires 50% of 3 companies from Luís Malheiro (LM) Group
Feb 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Jardín Plaza Cúcuta Inauguration of Jardín Plaza Cúcuta, in Colombia
Jan 2019
Timeline - 2020 - Sierra Balmain Joint Venture New Sierra Balmain Joint Venture created for Poland and CEE markets
Dec 2018
Sonae Sierra and Peter Korbačka sign a Joint Venture agreement to acquire GranCasa, Valle Real and Max Center, in Spain
Dec 2018
Sale of CoimbraShopping, in Portugal
Nov 2018
Sonae Sierra and Bluehouse inaugurated the new Fashion City Outlet in Thessaly, in Greece
Sep 2018
Alexa (Germany) refurbishment was completed
Jul 2018
GranCasa (Spain) refurbishment was completed
Jul 2018
Sonae strengthens position at Sonae Sierra changing the shareholder structure from 50%(Sonae)/50%(Grosvenor Group) to 70%(Sonae)/30%(Grosvenor Group)
Feb 2018
Sonae Sierra and Impresa Pizzarotti & c. S.p.A sign a 50/50 joint venture agreement to develop a new shopping District in Parma (Emilia District), in Italy
Feb 2018
Sonae Sierra and Armórica form a partnership for the acquisition of Serra Shopping, in Portugal, from the Sierra Portugal Fund
Jan 2018
Sonae Sierra and Ocidental create partnership to acquire GuimarãeShopping, in Portugal, from the Sierra Fund
Jan 2018
Sonae Sierra and Ocidental create partnership to acquire MaiaShopping, in Portugal, from the Sierra Fund
Jan 2018
Start of NorteShopping expansion, in Portugal
Dec 2017
Sierra Portugal Fund sells AlbufeiraShopping, in Portugal, while retaining Property Management of the asset
Dec 2017
Sierra Portugal Fund sells C.C. Continente de Portimão, in Portugal, while retaining Property Management of the asset
Jun 2017
Acquisiton of Área Sur, in Spain
Mar 2017
Iberia Coop Fund acquires Albufeira Retail Park and Continente Guia, in Portugal
Mar 2017
Sonae Sierra and McArthurGlen started construction of Designer Outlet in Málaga, in Spain
Feb 2017
Bankinter and Sonae Sierra launch ORES Socimi on the Alternative Stock Market
Sep 2016
Inauguration of ParkLake, in Romania
Jun 2016
Launch of Iberia Coop, a progammatic venture between CBRE Global Investment Partners and Sonae Sierra
Mar 2016
Madison International Realty acquires 25% stake in Sierra Portugal Fund
Jun 2015
Sonae Sierra and IKEA establish an agreement to open a store at Nova Arcada Shopping Centre, in Portugal
Mar 2015
Sonae Sierra Shopping Centres in Brazil awarded the LIDE Shopping Centers Prize
Nov 2014
Sale of La Farga Shopping Centre
Jul 2014
Sonae Sierra and ING sell 90% of Le Terrazze Shopping (Italy) Centre to Union Investment
May 2014
Sonae Sierra does its first investment in Morocco by starting a 3 phases' development of Zenata Shopping Centre
Mar 2014
Sierra Portugal Fund acquires full ownership of AlbufeiraShopping and Centro Comercial Continente de Portimão
Dec 2013
Sale of Vallecenter, in Italy.
Dec 2013
Sale of Airone, in Italy.
Oct 2013
Sale of Parque Principado, in Spain
Oct 2013
Inauguration of Hofgärten Solingen, in Alemanha
Oct 2013
Inauguration of Passeio das Águas Shopping, in Brazil
Oct 2013
Entry in Turkey through Sierrra Reval
Sep 2013
Sonae Sierra announces the 3 phases' plan of NorteShopping refurbishment, in Portugal
May 2013
Inauguration of Boulevard Londrina Shopping, in Brazil
May 2013
Sonae Sierra inaugurates AlgarveShopping's expansion
Nov 2012
Sale of Münster Arkaden, in Germany
Mar 2012
Inauguration of Uberlândia Shopping, in Brazil
Mar 2012
Inauguration of Le Terrazze, in Italy
Feb 2012
Sonae Sierra enters Algeria
Mar 2011
Sale of El Rosal Shopping Centre, in Spain
Mar 2011
Sale of Plaza Éboli, in Spain
Mar 2011
Close of Sonae Sierra Brazil IPO
Mar 2011
Sonae Sierra enters Morocco
Jul 2010
Sale of ownership stake in Mediterranean Cosmos
Jun 2010
Sonae Sierra awarded "Best Real Estate Developer of the Year"
Jun 2010
Sonae Sierra enters Colombia
Apr 2010
Fernando Guedes de Oliveira becomes Sonae Sierra's CEO
Mar 2010
Inauguration of LeiriaShopping, in Portugal
Jan 2010
Modelo de Albufeira Shopping Centre becomes AlbufeiraShopping
Dec 2009
Sonae Sierra is the first Company in Europe to receive a Safety & Health Certification for the construction management of a shopping centre
Oct 2009
Inauguration of LOOP5, in Germany
May 2009
Sonae Sierra distinguished at the European Risk Management Awards 2009
Apr 2009
Inauguration of Manauara Shopping, in Brazil
Feb 2009
Sonae Sierra was awarded at the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards (SEE), in the Market Transformation category
Oct 2008
Sonae Sierra receives the Green Thinker Award
Oct 2008
Inauguration of Gli Orsi, in Italy
Oct 2008
Inauguration of Pantheon Plaza, in Greece
Apr 2008
Launch of a new €300 million investment fund, Sierra Portugal Fund
Apr 2008
Inauguration of Freccia Rossa, in Italy, being Sonae Sierra first shopping centre developed from zero in Italy.
Oct 2007
Inauguration of El Rosal, in Spain
Oct 2007
Sonae Sierra internationally acknowledged as the best company in the Shopping Centre sector
Oct 2007
Sonae Sierra wins 2007 DuPont Safety Award for its groundbreaking PERSONÆ project
Sep 2007
Inauguration of Alexa, in Berlin, Germany.
Sep 2007
Inauguration of 8ª Avenida, in Portugal
May 2007
Entry in the Romanian market with the acquisiiton of River Plaza Mall
Feb 2007
Sonae Sierra began construction of Colombo Towers
Oco 2006
Sonae Sierra’s PERSONÆ Project wins the ECO Award, from the American Chamber of Commerce
Oct 2006
Acquisition of Münster Arkaden Shopping Centre
Sep 2006
Luz del Tajo elected Spain’s “Best Shopping Centre”
Mar 2006
Inauguration of RioSul Shopping, in Portugal
Nov 2005
Sonae Sierra buys 20% of Shopping Plaza Sul
Nov 2005
Inauguration of SerraShopping, in Portugal
Oct 2005
Inauguration of our 1st shopping centre in Greece, Mediterranean Cosmos
Oct 2005
Inauguration of LoureShopping, in Portugal
Jul 2005
Sonae Sierra sells Coimbra Retail Park
May 2005
Sonae Sierra publishes its first standalone Corporate Responsibility Report regarding 2004
Apr 2005
Sonae Sierra acquires Vallecenter, in Italy
Apr 2005
Sonae Sierra acquires Airone, in Italy
Mar 2005
Inauguration of Plaza Éboli, in Spain
Feb 2005
Sonae Imobiliária changes to Sonae Sierra in order to create a global brand
Nov 2004
Inauguration of Zubiarte, in Spain
Sep 2004
Inauguration of Luz del Tajo, in Spain
Apr 2004
Inauguration of Boavista Shopping, in Brazil
Mar 2004
Inauguration Dos Mares Shopping Centre, in Espanha
Nov 2003
Inauguration of Estação Viana, in Portugal
Oct 2003
Inauguration of Parque Atlântico, in Portugal
Sep 2003
Creation of Sierra Fund, a real estate fund with €1.08 billion of equity
Apr 2003
Plaza Mayor Awarded Best Specialized Centre at the ICSC Awards
Jan 2003
Awarded with the Prix Procos 2003
Apr 2002
Inauguration of Parque D. Pedro, in Brazil (the largest shopping in Latin America)
Apr 2002
Inauguration of the Plaza Mayor Shopping Center, in Spain
Apr 2001
Inauguration of Parque Principado, in Spain
Apr 2001
Inauguration of AlgarveShopping, in Portugal
Mar 2001
Inauguration of MadeiraShopping, in Portugal
Dec 2000
Sonae Imobiliária enters in Italy
Jan 2000
Sonae Imobiliária enters in Germany
Apr 1999
Sonae Imobiliária starts its internationalization entering in Spain, Greece and Brazil
Apr 1999
Inauguration of Centro Vasco da Gama, in Portugal
Centro Colombo wins all the major awards in the sector - MIPIM, ICSC, PROCOS, among others
Oct 1998
Inauguration of NorteShopping, in Portugal
Dec 1997
Sonae Imobiliária is listed on the Stock Exchange of Lisbon and Porto from 1997 to 2001
Nov 1997
Inauguration of MaiaShopping, in Portugal
Sep 1997
Inauguration of the Centro Colombo, the shopping centre with more shops in the Iberian peninsula.
Oct 1996
Inauguration of ArrábidaShopping, in Portugal
Sep 1996
Inauguration of ViaCatarina Shopping, in Portugal
Oct 1995
Inauguration of GaiaShopping, in Portugal
Feb 1995
Inauguration of GuimarãeShopping, in Portugal
Oct 1993
Inauguration of CoimbraShopping, in Portugal
May 1991
Inauguration of CascaiShopping, in Portugal. This inauguration marks the 1st regional shopping center and with modern design in Portugal
Aug 1990
Inauguration of the Centro Comercial Continente de Portimão, in Portugal, being it the 1st Center developed by the Company
Aug 1989
Opening of the first shopping center managed by Sonae Sierra: AlbufeiraShopping, in Portugal (former C.C. Modelo de Albufeira)
Feb 1989
Start of activity of Sonae Imobiliária, ex- Sociedade Portuguesa de Centros Comerciais (SPCC)

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