Safe People and Resource Resilience

Safe People & Resource Resilience covers the management of safety and health risks, the reduction of environmental impacts and the improvement of the eco-efficiency and resilience of operating assets, developments, expansion and refurbishment activities.

It captures the value created for our investment partners and service clients - from legal compliance to long term asset value protection - by delivering sustainability services.

It also emphasises the role Sonae Sierra can play in supporting eco-efficiency by providing a test bed to prove the viability of resource resilience initiatives within our own development and investment portfolio.

Operating Context

  • Increasing regulation governing safety, health and environmental (SHE) aspects
  • Pressure from investors and other stakeholders to ensure that Sonae Sierra operates according to high SHE standards
  • Shortages of natural resources will lead to an increase in their costs, demanding a new approach to the way we develop and manage assets

Our Approach

  • Embed resource resilience strategies and a best in class Safety, Health & Environmental Management System (SHEMS) across all our corporate operations
  • Promote the uptake of SHEMS and resource resilience across our investment portfolios
  • Encourage our clients to implement safe people and resource resilience on their own assets by demonstrating the business case and delivering sustainability services
  • Position ourselves as experts in energy, water and waste strategies for retail assets
  • Promote sustainable building certifications and develop resilient assets

Intended Results

  • Ensure that risks towards people, assets and ecosystems are minimised
  • Increased competitiveness and supporting business’ long term profitability by addressing social and environmental challenges

Shared Value Created

  • Operational efficiencies & risk management
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Long term asset value protected
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced costs/ new income
  • Higher quality service for clients, tenants & visitors
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our performance to date

Not only have we consistently improved our environmental performance, but we have avoided €24.5 million in costs in 2017 from eco-efficiency improvements in energy, water and waste introduced since 2002.

The following charts illustrate our progress against the key performance indicators that have guided actions with respect to energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management and recycling, biodiversity and habitats, and safety and health.

We will draw on our achievements to date with respect to our safety, health and environmental performance to define long term goals for this focus area in 2018.

                1 Number of accidents of level 3, 4 and 5 among tenants, service suppliers and visitors per million visits. Level 3, 4 and 5 accidents are defined as those resulting in medical assistance, lost workdays/life disruption and fatality/permanent disability, respectively.
                2 The LWCAFR is the number of accidents resulting in one or more lost workdays per million worked hours by Sonae Sierra workforce (direct employees and supervised workers).

                More information

                A list of the long term objectives related to the Safe People and Resource Resilience focus area can be downloaded from the Reports page of our website.

                For more on our historical performance, further key performance indicators and our management approach, see our 2017 Economic, Environmental and Social Report here.

                For examples of our Safe People & Resource Resilience initiatives in action, see case studies.

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