This page provides a summary of the most significant sustainability milestones for Sonae Sierra between 1994, when the story first begins, and 2020, our latest reporting year.

Sonae Sierra is one of 155 companies to have signed the Recover Better Statement, urging governments all over the world to integrate climate action into their economic recovery plans following Covid-19.

Launch of a revised Responsible Procurement Policy that replaces the former policy approved in 2007. This policy is grounded on the circular economy principles that built long-term resilience and supports our focus to create shared value.

Our Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) was revised for a greater alignment with our business strategy.

We joined the Portuguese Plastics Pact as part of the Sonae Group. This pact is a collaborative platform that brings together the different players in the national plastics value chain to achieve a set of ambitious goals by 2025.

Lisbon is the 2020 European Green Capital and Centro Colombo and Centro Vasco da Gama joined forces with the Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 Commitment – Climate Action Lisbon 2030, implementing additional measures to improve sustainability.

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