Our focus on Knowledge aims to deliver value for our business and clients by building the human and intellectual capital required to support our transition to a retail real estate services provider, while ensuring high levels of staff productivity and attracting and retaining the best talent.
Secondly, by embedding more sustainable lifestyles among our employees we aim to contribute to higher levels of employee resilience and productivity through improved health and wellbeing.

Operating Context

  • Competition for talent
  • Shift to services business model increases importance of people’s competencies, skills, relationships and productivity
  • Increasing focus on workplace wellness - promoting health and wellbeing to increase employee productivity, satisfaction and retention

Our Approach

  • Continuously build the skills and knowledge of our people to maximise their potential so that we deliver superior services to our clients
  • Embed sustainable lifestyles among our people by increasing knowledge and awareness of best of health and wellbeing best practices

Intended Results

  • Offer hands-on training that provides immediate value
  • Capitalise on our in-house expertise to develop our talent
  • Become a beacon for professional development
  • Promote sustainable lifestyles among employees

Shared Value Created

  • Enhanced intellectual capital
  • Higher levels of staff satisfaction, engagement & productivity
  • Talent attraction & retention
  • Superior client service

Our performance to date

Since we launched our Knowledge focus area we can already highlight some of the following achievements:

  • The formation of the Sierra Academy to support our staff in our transition to a ‘services mind-set’, supporting our business model and expansion into new markets.
  • The development of initiatives to improve employee wellbeing and promote resilience as part of ‘Project Be Well’ that aims to tackle the causes of work related stress.

More information

For more information on our approach and historical performance, download our 2020 Economic, Environmental and Social Report here. For examples of our earlier initiatives in action, see case studies.

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