Sonae Sierra is organised into five autonomous businesses: Investment Management, Developments, Property Management, Development Services and Colombia

  • Expansion Expansion
  • Management Management
  • Investment Investment
  • Development Services Development Services
  • Investment Vehicles Investment Vehicles
  • Colombia Colombia
Organisation - Investment Management


Investment Management manages a portfolio of real estate investment vehicles and operating assets worldwide. It offers quality products to select fund investors.

The business acquires assets, including the ones developed by Sonae Sierra’s Developments business, in partnership with institutional investors to create further value and allow Sonae Sierra to undertake and finance other development projects. Building relations with key partners, Investment Management also retains positions in existing assets with a medium to long term horizon, and maximises indirect returns by channeling services to other businesses such as Property Management.

Organisation - Developments


Developments seeks real estate development on behalf of Sonae Sierra and other co-investors.

The business is responsible for delivering services related to the financing and execution of new projects. Its preferred investment style is to partner with another investor on a 50/50 basis for each project, aiming to sell its stake to a third party after completion (preferably through Investment Management) in order to finance new developments. It engages with partners and suppliers to ensure the effective adoption and implementation of high standards of quality, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and safety and health. It also fosters creative and pioneering approaches that are adapted to local communities’ needs, are respectful of local values and culture and create value based on a sustainable and long-term approach.

Organisation - Property Management


Property Management provides property management, leasing and marketing services.

With a client-centric approach, Property Management aims to align its interests with a diverse range of investor clients in order to maximise revenues, margins and assets’ long-term values. The business prides itself on maintaining strong relationships with tenants, guaranteeing effective and efficient standard operating procedures and on piloting innovative concepts to engage and entice consumers.

Organisation - Development Services


Development Services provides real estate development solutions to clients worldwide.

The business applies its expertise to provide a wide package of development services encompassing licensing, architecture, engineering, development coordination and project management, adhering to its core principles of innovation and client focus.

Organisation - Development Services


Colombia is focused on investing, developing and managing shopping centres in Colombia.

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