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A brighter look at lighting energy demand

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A brighter look at lighting energy demand

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  • Le Terrazze team found a way to improve energy efficiency with operational changes and without any investment needed. Furthermore, they implemented a strategy to keep results over time, even after operational teams have changed.
  • The implemented measures led to electricity savings of around 3%, equivalent to €12,000 per year with no adverse impact on the mall’s comfort and safety levels.
  • Documenting ‘relevant energy events’ (e.g. opening, closure, cleaning schedules etc) which imply different lighting requirements.
  • Defining lighting minimum needs for each of the ‘events’ and establish the links between each BMS control component (BMS buttons) and the circuits controlled.
  • Fine-tuning by defining and setting schedules for each lighting circuit.
  • Defining a Manual with all configurations and activate different BMS access levels to avoid deviations from optimum control by someone without the access to do so.


reduction in the
total electricity consumption


cost savings
per year

<1 year

payback period

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