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The science of positioning real estate assets to achieve full potential

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The science of positioning real estate assets to achieve full potential

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  • Retail assets which do not represent an original offer within their catchment area will struggle to reach their full potential;
  • If a shopping centre’s positioning differs too radically from the expectations and needs of its catchment, it will simply not gain relevancy;
  • Additional problems arrive if there are significant changes in the competitive landscape of an asset’s catchment area.

Sonae Sierra has devised a successful methodology for positioning or repositioning retail assets that enables them to achieve their full potential.

By taking into account a range of factors including consumer wants and needs, the asset’s current characteristics and local competition, we can understand how a shopping centre can best serve the catchment area going forward.

While our positioning tool starts with a statistical analysis, we bring added-value to the number-crunching process thanks to our deep market expertise and know-how. That enables us to extrapolate a unique positioning strategy for any kind of shopping centre, including a timely repositioning if necessary to improve footfall and sales.

Sonae Sierra believes that every shopping centre is unique in its context – making positioning for the catchment area key. Our expert methodology can help determine the right position for a shopping centre at the development stage, or represent a strategic intervention to reposition an asset for success.

  • Positioning is important to differentiate an asset from the competition, and bring something relevant and innovative to the catchment area.
  • Understanding consumers in each catchment area is key. Their wants and needs provide a crucial guide for placing a shopping centre in the correct segment.
  • The right tenants are vital in positioning an asset for success, representing a shopping centre’s defining factor.

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