We deliver a better, sustainable life for people by creating and managing space

We nurture the communities where we build and foster things that last for their wellbeing. 

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Create economic and social value

As part of Sonae we aim to create long-term economic and social value, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever-increasing number of people.


What makes us good at what we do 


Lead with impact 

We turn ambition into action. This means we strive to have a meaningful impact today and tomorrow. 


Own what’s next 

We act as entrepreneurs first and foremost. This means we challenge the status quo and drive what’s next. 


Go further together 

We champion our diverse talent. This means we bring our skills, knowledge, and point of views to learn from one another and put it into action. 


Make things simple 

We move fast and make things simple. This means we are continuously improving to be more efficient, 

adaptive, and nimble. 


Do what’s right 

We commit to doing good business. This means we act independently and transparently to make the right choices. 

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Sustainability remains key to Sonae Sierra’s positioning in all business areas

A factor which has always been an element of differentiation for the Company.


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Sonae Sierra has over 900 employees working in 3 continents.

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