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Highly regarded for our sustainability practices by both our partners and clients, we provide world-class ESG services to develop and manage real estate assets

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68 %

Electricity consumption since 2002

88 %

GHG emissions intensity since 2005

92 %

Climate Change Risk Assessments in our portfolio

63 %

Green Building Certifications in our portfolio

External recognitions

Sustainability is truly in our DNA. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as an expert in state-of-the-art solutions for the real estate business, receiving more than 100 awards and recognitions. Among others, we have been recognized as « 4 star » and « 5 star » by GRESB since its outset in 2009.

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GRESB | Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets

“Green Star” recognition by GRESB

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Sustainable Energy Europe Awards

Recognise outstanding projects for their innovative efforts in the field of energy efficiency and renewables


Holistic and tailored approach to every asset


True sustainable value

Whatever your needs may be, from sustainability foresight, to cost optimisation, or business compliance, we ensure you reach your goals, reducing the environmental impact of your activities, and future-proofing your operating assets.

Business Compliance

To clients aiming to achieve compliance and effective risk management practices.

Cost Optimisation

For clients who wish to optimize costs in order to drive investment.

Sustainability Foresight

For clients looking for the best pathway and tools to unleash their sustainable value in real estate assets


Full range on different areas


Sustainability Regulatory Assessment

Support with licensing in development projects

Assess safety, health and environmental legal compliance at local, national and international level.


Sustainability Risk Assessment

Develop socioeconomic impact studies

Undertake due diligence to assess safety, health and environmental gaps to evaluate risks and opportunities

Carry out risk assessments and draw up mitigation plans for the following areas: climate change and its financial and technological implications, fire and safety, health and environmental risks

Develop environmental impact studies


Sustainability Development Management

Sustainable building design

Safety, health and environment management system during construction works.


Resource Optimisation

Benchmark energy and water consumption

Devise energy and water efficiency programmes

Design and implement management systems to address operational control

Develop waste management plans.


ESG Strategy

Pinpoint environmental and social challenges and opportunities specifically related to your business strategy through a materiality assessment

Carry out stakeholder mapping and assessment and draw up an engagement strategy

Develop an ESG strategy for your asset, or portfolio of assets, to leverage your business strategy.


Climate Change Strategy

Develop asset’s decarbonization roadmap

Assess the carbon footprint

Develop a carbon footprint optimisation plan

Zero Carbon Audits.



Building Certification Strategy

Achieve Green Building Certifications such as BREEAM and LEED

Achieve Healthy Building Certifications such as WELL

Achieve Safety, Health and Environment Management System certifications such as ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.


Portfolio Benchmark Reporting

Carry out external benchmarks, including GRESB Assessment

Assess and improve ESG reporting.


Committed to value creation in ESG Services

Elsa Monteiro

Director, Sustainability

Daniel Santos

Business Development, Sustainability

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Susana Sabino

Manager, Sustainability Services

Susana Neves

Coordinator, Sustainability Management Services

Bartolomeu Bernardes

Coordinator, Sustainability Development Services

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Joana Ribau Carvalho

Sustainability Specialist

Cláudia Gonçalves

Sustainability Specialist

Marta Matos

Sustainability Specialist

Maria Carvalho

Sustainability Specialist


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The heart of everything we do

Find out more about our approach to sustainability focused on creating shared value.


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