Commited, present and objective

The Sonae Sierra’s ombudsman comes with proper means, full access to the available information and manoeuvring ability required to analyse and resolve the matters put before him.

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To promote compliance with Sonae Sierra’s Code of Conduct and protect justified plaintiffs from abusive or unethical behaviours of the company or its employees.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes and promotes the fundamental aspects of ethical behavior that Sonae Sierra’s Board believes should be adopted in our businesses and all our activities.

How does it work?

The Sierra Ombudsman is an independent facilitator to whom all stakeholders can present their questions, suggestions, ideas or complaints.


The Ombudsman is committed to answering anyone who contacts him. All contacts are certain to be processed, investigated, and responded.


Whenever contacted an objective analysis is conducted which will allow for correction or justification of the facts.


The Ombudsman reports only to the Audit & Compliance Committee, thus ensuring total independence.

Who performs this job?

The job is performed by António Pedrosa Duarte.

The Sierra Ombudsman is directly connected to the CEO, and can resort to all of Sonae Sierra’s sectors, which will enable him to receive the required support, in every case, to make a complete and adequate analysis of the situations presented to him.


Talk to the Ombudsman

To pose any question, suggestion, idea or complaint, you can reach the Sierra Ombudsman through:

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