With the purpose of guaranteeing a greater degree of satisfaction to all Sonae Sierra stakeholders, the company has created the position of the Sierra Ombudsman.

António Pedrosa Duarte - Sierra Ombudsman

Sierra Ombudsman

How does it work?

The Sierra Ombudsman is an independent facilitator to whom all stakeholders can present their questions, suggestions, ideas or complaints and be certain that they are processed, investigated, and responded.

Whenever contacted, the Sierra Ombudsman will make an objective analysis of the facts which will allow for their correction or their justification.

In any case, the Sierra Ombudsman is committed to answering anyone who contacts him.

He will make an annual report to an independent entity, the Audit and Compliance Committee that depends directly from the Board of Administration, which will make a global analysis of the Sierra Ombudsman's activity.

What are the objectives of the Sierra Ombudsman?

Create a knowledgeable facilitator between Sonae Sierra and its stakeholders fostering their mutual respect and preventing any abusive conduct from the company and or any of its employees.

Improve stakeholders’ satisfaction levels, thus promoting the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external professional relationships.

Promote the implementation of Sonae Sierra’s Code of Conduct and namely (but not limited to):

  • Ensuring that there is a formal protective procedure in place to tackle harassment related claims.
  • Monitoring the approach to internal staff management and recruitment, ensuring the compliance with the equal opportunity policy.

Who performs this job?

The job is performed by António Pedrosa Duarte.

He is given the proper means, full access to the available information and manoeuvring ability required to analyse and resolve the matters put before him.

The Sierra Ombudsman is directly connected to the CEO, and can resort to all of Sonae Sierra’s sectors, which will enable him to receive the required support, in every case, to make a complete and adequate analysis of the situations presented to him.

More than a mere receptor, the Ombudsman is an instrument capable of transforming complaints and suggestions into opportunities to generate innovation and new concepts.

What is the mission of the Sierra Ombudsman?

To promote compliance with Sonae Sierra’s Code of Conduct having the knowledge, the independence and the means to protect justified plaintiffs from abusive or unethical behaviours of the company or its employees.

Nurture Sonae Sierra’s stakeholders’ rights and motivations, fostering the alignment of their interest with those of the company.

Promote, share and disseminate Sonae Sierra’s ethical principles amongst all stakeholders, motivating behaviours aligned with these principles.

Through the Sierra Ombudsman, reported situations should serve as a basis for the correction of events contrary to Sonae Sierra’s Code of Conduct.

This will allow for greater levels of satisfaction for all stakeholders and the consolidation of the practices and principles connected to Sonae Sierra’s culture.

How do I contact the Sierra Ombudsman?

To pose any question, suggestion, idea or complaint, you can reach the Sierra Ombudsman through:

+351 93 200 4063

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