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NorteShopping: Sustainable strategies to stay in front

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NorteShopping: Sustainable strategies to stay in front

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The key challenge with NorteShopping was to achieve a new sustainability credential without additional investment or improvement measures.

A centre which is already in its third decade, in compliance with our stringent SHEMS, would be able to achieve at least a Good score in BREEAM In-Use certification to cement its sustainability credentials still further.

Since the designing and conception phase ambitious safety, health and environmental standards were applied in NorteShopping, the centre was an industry pioneer by applying a certified Safety, Health and Environment Management System.

Using this opportunity to guarantee a BREEAM In-Use certification, we have started by doing a complete assessment to understand how these best-in-class practices would contribute to achieve a good rating.

The team was delighted with the results they could achieve without further improvements. Design options and several management aspects were proved essential to achieve a Very Good rate.

As well as enabling us to connect more fully with the desires and needs of our stakeholders, having a SHEMS in place has raised NorteShopping’s value, produced concrete savings in terms of both costs and the environment, allowed the centre to achieve a BREEAM Very Good rating without any additional measures, and reinforced its place as a flagship centre in our portfolio.

  • NorteShopping in Porto, Portugal is a flagship retail asset with sustainability in its DNA, currently enjoying its third decade of success.
  • Sonae Sierra applies stringent sustainability strategies not only to new developments, but assesses, analyses and improves its own properties and those of its clients through a Safety, Health and Environmental Management System (SHEMS).
  • Shopping centres such as NorteShopping benefit from the continuous guidance provided by our full SHEMS. Designed to constantly increase eco-efficiency and prevent environmental impacts SHEMS guaranteed to NorteShopping the achievement of BREEAM In-Use Very Good rating without any additional measures implemented.


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